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I'm Angelina. Just a regular ol' government IT girl turned self taught bakery owner, mom, military spouse and yoga teacher...yea. I know. It's a lot. I'm sorta a "follow your soul" type of girl. I'm here to share it all, the good, the bad, and the yummy.  Being a military spouse means going with the flow to the upmost meaning so we are always on the move and life is hectic but I wouldn't have it any other way. I pride myself on being as real and honest as I can (sometimes to a fault), so that's exactly how I share my food. I focus on giving you real, honest recipes, how to's, and all the extras (cause I'm an extra kinda girl). Also, I love flowers if you couldn't tell... as well as sprinkles, coffee (duh), yoga, my dogs, empowering women, overthinking everything, crystals, and not knowing how to hide my facial expressions. Welcome to my crazy beautiful mess of a heart. I am so glad you're here! 

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SO...enough about me!  What about you?! What can I offer you?


If you notice in my blog posts I'm always trying to encourage self worth, self image, and empowerment. That's because I write the way I talk. Someone once told me "if you can talk, you can write". And if you haven’t noticed by now I’m pretty real over here. I’m honest and I’m here to help you grow. I truly believe in everything I preach. And what I am offering you here, in this space, is confidence(and maybe a laugh or two). At the end of the day, it really just comes down to that.