Hey babes!  Thanks for dropping in. I'm Angie and welcome to Sugar Cream and Peonies! I'm the girl behind the sweets over here. I'm a coffee addict, yoga teacher, and Friends/Sex In The City rerun watcher for life. I'm big on empowering women, overthinking everything, and not knowing how to hide my facial expressions (insert big unapologetic smile), oh! and pretty pictures. I grew up in Italy so my pastry obsession started at a young age with very high expectations and now here I stand, former bakery owner ready to share it all. I started Sugar Cream and Peonies a little over 3 years ago and really didn't know where I was headed to be honest. I just knew I liked to bake because I liked to eat. I mean what girl doesn't? 

I’d like to tell you I have some straightforward story about becoming a pastry chef and going to culinary school but I don’t. I’ve liked to bake since I was a kid, however I never knew one day that’s where this road would lead me. I wont dive too deep here but to put it into perspective, I went to school for business and then nursing just to land myself a government IT job in Washington DC where I worked for 5 years. I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off really thinking I was going somewhere proving a young girl can take over the world. That’s where I met this man that drives me absolutely crazy ,still to this day, and I fell in love. I’m talking about my husband in case you couldn’t tell. I guess life was telling me to slow the flip down. And stubbornly I fought it and relentlessly he never left. Still one of the best decisions I ever made. 8 years later now, and we still got it ;).

Now before I can go much further I have to talk about my kids, cause you know I’m a mom so duh. My oldest is 10 (almost 11 gah). I got pregnant at 19 and it was the scariest but most awakening thing I’ve ever done. He saved my life I swear. And my husband and I have a 6 year old now, going on 16 (insert eye roll emoji). They are both boys. I am a full on boy momma and they are my whole damn world. I seriously don’t know what I’d do without them.

Next up, we are a military family. My husband is active duty Navy and it’s been our life forever basically. We move every 3 years and it’s the ultimate meaning of go with the flow. We moved to North Carolina 3 years ago and that is where I really started baking. During our time there my husband did 2 deployments and even when he was home, he was gone. So it was a lot of just me and the kiddos. I knew I had to start changing things up career wise because I needed to be there for my kids, more so because my husband can’t always be. It’s the reality of this lifestyle. I had 2 things on my agenda at the time, yoga and baking. I literally knew no one around me so I had to get out there. I looked up yoga schools and started that journey to become a yoga instructor and at the same time, I ordered my first French pastry cookbook off Amazon. I was in desperate need to learn how to make french macarons, basically because I wanted to eat them. No shame. I attended yoga teacher training (YTT) over the course of 10 months, 300 hours in, and graduated from that just to land my first teaching job immediately following. I taught yoga at Infinite Yoga and Wellness from that moment on until the very last day possible from my move from NC January 2019. Now I teach yoga here in the beautiful panhandle of Florida. Yoga is definitely a HUGE aspect of my life. It is integrated in my life and is my life. There is no denying that. I will continue to teach and be a student forever.

During this entire time of YTT and teaching I was also baking up a storm. I started teaching myself french pastry through trial and error. I mastered the macaron and next thing I knew people started asking me to make them things here and there. That led to me opening up a bakery out of my house that I operated for 2 years until our move. I mostly made a TON of cakes and macarons. I specialized in custom cakes and macs. I ended up doing weddings and countless birthdays. I collaborated with so many talented people and was honored to be featured on wedding blogs and in publications. It was the best roller coaster I have ever put myself on, sometimes unwillingly. Haha It was a huge leap of faith but I am to this day, so proud of what I accomplished and the people that I met who helped make it all possible. It alone restored my faith back into humanity. Women uplifting women, supporting complete strangers. I’m telling you, the world is a good place. Just go out there and see for yourself.

Alright, back to the story. We received orders to Pensacola FL and we moved here in January. I closed my doors to the bakery knowing it was a temporary thing all along. It’s been a little emotional but I am not here to build a storefront, at least not right now. It was all a stepping stone, just like every aspect of life. We gather skills throughout our avenues of life and every little thing brings us closer to our purpose. A huge goal of mine was relaunching my site here as my baking blog. I just want to share my knowledge and recipes in my own honest over the top way. I’d love to do videos as soon as I can and ultimate goal of writing my very own cookbook. So, in short (HA!) welcome and thank you for all your support and love! There is not enough words in any language to express my gratitude. I hope you like my pretty pictures and yummy food!

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family photos above by Mandie Highers Photography