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Blackberry Heart Macarons

The perfect Valentine's Day macarons do exist! These pretty purple hearts are filled with fresh blackberry mousse and rolled in some fun confetti sprinkles!

I love filling macarons with different mousses because they aren't too sweet. Macarons are already VERY sweet on their own so it can get to be a bit much when filling with buttercreams and other super sweet fillings. Mousses are also so easy to make and basically taste like ice cream so I really don't see any downsides here. lol They do need to stay refrigerated once filled though in order to keep them fresh.

You can use frozen blackberries or fresh. And make sure to make your own whip cream for your mousse. Don't get lazy and buy pre-made. It takes only a few minutes to make real whip cream and it's so worth is flavor wise. It's also the same cost or cheaper...

A few tips on piping out the nemesis heart shaped macarons:

OMG my friend sent me a post on facebook the other day of someone piping out heart macs and failing because they ended up looking like a bunch of balls!! hahaha yea, I died cause I've totally experienced this before. I've also tried to use templates and they NEVER work for me. I always mess them up. I'm pretty sure it's because I over think it.

My biggest tips I can give here are:

  • Pipe two teardrops shaped kind of far apart KNOWING they they will spread a little, especially when you bang out the pans to release air bubbles. If you pipe them too close together it will end up melting into each other, lose all shape definition, and turn into a blob.

  • Once you pipe out your shape, use a toothpick to really add the thinner point to the end of the heart. The biggest problem with getting the real heart shape is that the bottom of the heart always turn into an undefined blob. lol Get. That. Point.

I found the sprinkles pictured here at Michaels store for $1. You can roll your macarons or sprinkle them on with your hands. These were gone from my house so fast and I know you or your valentine will love them too!

Don't forget to get your free macaron guide too! <- all the extra tips, tricks and troubleshooting guide!

Blackberry Heart French Macarons

PREP TIME: an hour

BAKE TIME: 12-18 minutes per sheet

MAKES: 30 heart macaron shells (piped out at 1.5 to 2 inch <3 )



1 recipe for french macaron shell

purple gel food coloring


1 package or 1 bag frozen blackberries

2 tablespoons white sugar

1/2 packet of gelatin

Half pint heavy whipping cream

1/4 cup white sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla


sprinkles *optional*

1. Prepare almond shells according to recipe.

2. Add purple gel food coloring to your batter until desired color is reached.

3. Pipe out shells in heart shapes *see tips above in post*, dry, and bake as instructed.

4. Prepare filling on stove top by adding blackberries to a small saucepan with 2 tablespoons white sugar. Allow to cook slowly until broken down. Stir throughout and remove from heat once compote starts to thicken. Slowly add 1/2 packet of gelatin while stirring with a whisk until incorporated. (You need the gelatin to stabilize your mousse.) Allow to cool at room temp.

4. Add heavy whipping cream to mixing bowl fitted with a whisk attachment and start to beat on medium high. Once it starts to thicken a little add the 1/4 cup of sugar and teaspoon of vanilla. Continue whipping on medium-high until it reaches whip cream consistency. Careful not to over whip or you will make butter. Remove bowl from stand, pour cooled down blackberry mixture into your whip cream and fold. Continue folding until all incorporated. TASTE! It's so good! Try not to eat it all right now. Place in fridge until you're ready for it.

5. Once macarons are cooled, match them up and line them out on parchment paper or mats to make the filling process easy. Pipe out blackberry mousse on your macarons. Fit the top with matching shell and gently press down to secure. Roll in sprinkles if desired.

6. Eat!


Store macarons covered in fridge for up to a week.

Happy Valentine's Day loves!



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