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Ornament Macarons

Aren't these ornament macs so cute?! They will definitely get you in the holiday spirit and while I don't suggest trying to hang them on your tree, I do suggest eating them and feeling fancy AF. In all honestly though, they're crazy simple.

For this recipe I used my regular french macaron recipe and filled them with vanilla buttercream ring and blackberry in the center. Honestly, feel free to fill them anything you want, it's just what I was wanting at the time. That's the best things about macarons. They can be any flavor profile you want! For this project in particular I did pipe out my macrons a little bit larger than normal to get that full ornament affect.

Once your shells are baked off and cooling you can start making your little fondant hooks. Just roll a small piece of fondant like into a snake shape, cut them into about and inch long and bend them into a hook shape. Set aside and allow to dry until you're ready for them.

Pour some white chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl to melt until smooth and creamy. I used Nestle Tollhouse white morsels. Pour sprinkles of your choice onto a small plate for dipping your macs into. I used Bakery Bling unicorn sugar sprinkles.

Now you can start dipping away! You only need to dip the top cookie of your macs unless you really want both sides sprinkled up, then go for it. Gently dip the the top of a macaron shell into your melted white chocolate and then into your sprinkles. Set aside to dry.

Once dry, assemble and fill your macarons as desired. Don't forget to add the fondant hook in between the middle of your sandwiched cookie. I painted mine silver but you can keep them as is or make them any other color you'd like.

Enjoy and impress your friends this holiday and feel like a total bad ass! You're welcome!

P.S. You can get my macaron guide here too!

Ornament French Macarons

PREP TIME: an hour

BAKE TIME: 8-12 minutes per sheet

MAKES: 36 macaron shells (piped out at 1.5 inches)



1 recipe for french macaron shell

pink gel food coloring

1 cup white chocolate morsells

Sprinkles of choice

fondant for hook (very little amount)


Vanilla Buttercream

1. Prepare almond shells according to recipe.

2. Add pink gel food coloring to your batter until desired color is reached.

3. Pipe out shells and bake as instructed.

4. Prepare buttercream and set aside about 1 cups of it to color if desired otherwise use it white. Fit piping bag with tip of choice and fill with your buttercream. If you are not using any buttercream for your shells then skip this part and fill with whatever you'd like.

5. Make hooks out of fondant. Set aside for assembly later on.

6. Melt white chocolate in a bowl until smooth and creamy. Pour some sprinkles out on a small plate.

7. Once macarons are cooled, match them up and line them out on parchment paper or mats. Dip tops of shells in melted chocolate and then in the sprinkles covering fully. Set aside to cool.

8. Once all your shells are cooled you can fill them as desired and place fondant hook in the middle of your sandwich to hold it in place.

9. Eat when desired!


Store all macarons covered in fridge for up to a week.

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