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SO...enough about me!  What about you?! What can I offer you?


If you notice in my blog posts I'm always trying to encourage self worth, self image, and empowerment. That's because I write the way I talk. Someone once told me "if you can talk, you can write". And if you haven’t noticed by now I’m pretty real over here. I’m honest and I’m here to help you grow. I truly believe in everything I preach. And what I am offering you here, in this space, is confidence(and maybe a laugh or two). At the end of the day, it really just comes down to that.



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I don't know how many times people have told me that they just 'can't bake'. Well, I'm calling bullshit on you Sally. You can. Just like when people tell me that they can't do yoga. Ummmm, you can actually. There is no prerequisite here except the will to show up or just try (and just as a disclaimer here, I couldn’t touch my toes when I first started either). So, same goes here. YOU CAN. Does it require patience? Yes. But so does anything worth doing. I am telling you that YOU CAN DO THIS. If I didn't believe it then I wouldn’t be wasting my energy. Honestly it just comes down to this, ‘success and failure are on the same path. Success is just a little further down.’ - fave quote. On top of my fanatastic cheer-leading skills I also offer, guides, worksheets, and ebooks to really set you up for success. Check them out here. 

I noticed when I started looking for help and knowledge about baking it was hard to find what I was looking for and especially in the same place. Some things I never found the answer for at all, it was all trial and error. I had to go searching around on multiple mediums and even then I had so many questions once I read and/or tried to execute a recipe. Typically something would happen differently or it seams the author would just leave out this whole huge step and I’m sitting there with my “uhhhh hope this works” face. Let me just pour another glass of wine now. Haha I mean it’s not that serious but then again it kinda is when it’s your time and money, especially when you're trying to learn. Also it seems many authors act like something is either A.) way more simple than it actually is or B.) completely lie about the process or results which leads to unnecessary self doubt. I'm not here for all that. I'll admit my mistakes and I will tell you honestly how it all goes down. I feel like we all need a little more "real" in life. I found the best information in cookbooks to be honest because it seems on most online platforms people want everything to be fast and simple but that leads to a lot of wasted effort and not the best tasting food. I mean some things are perfectly simple and delicious (I won’t deny that) and I’m all for a hack or shortcut as long as it makes sense and actually works. However, good food comes from the heart which means love and effort. My mom always told me she put “love” in everything she made for me and I swear it was always the best, still is. So that’s what I do here. I write honestly, detailed, and with love. It helps me and I hope it helps you. Wine drinking is still very much allowed but maybe I can save you some money and stress in the process ;)




When you’re ready, I’ll be here.

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